We Began in New York City

Papa Joe’s Deli, grew it’s roots in the city that never sleeps, New York City. Our beloved institution was established in the 1980s, and began the journey to proudly serve the best New York food in town.
With our rich history and dedication to authentic flavors made us a favorite destination for locals and visitors alike in the city. From our famous Philly Cheesesteaks to our Classic Reuben sandwich, our small family owned deli began to thrive with our main ingredient, quality and taste.
As we continued to grow, we always stick to our original formula for success. We not only maintain our devotion to the highest quality meats and cheeses, but also continue to rely on customer service.

New York In Historic Downtown Rosenberg

Papa Joe’s Deli relocated to the town of Rosenberg. A community known for its quaint and vibrant shopping, eating and art scene. We originally opened our deli at a location located on Ave H in Rosenberg in 2019. Although thriving in the beginning, we suffered some challenging times due to the 2020 pandemic. Our family did everything possible to make it through these tough times, but ultimately had to make the decision to shut its doors in 2021.
We maintained a loyal following and continued providing our New York style menu with our catering menu. All the while, we just still had the desire to bring our well-known dishes to our loved community.
So in 2023 we embarked on a new venture for our family-owned deli and relocated to Historic Downtown Rosenberg which is known for its shopping, eating and art scene. This will allow us to continue to provide the New York style dishes  with all of the unique service that we have been known for since the 1980’s. Please stop on by to experience our new update menu for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. We look forward to serving the Rosenberg and surrounding communities for years to come.